1422 SGT: Compact tool carrier for versatile applications

Schäffer is introducing the 1422 SGT – its first tool carrier, and the most compact loader in the Schäffer line-up. SGT stands for ‘Schäffer Genuine Tool Carrier’ – the 1422 SGT is the ideal multi-tasker for year-round use. With an extremely compact build, powerful working hydraulics and a large choice of attachments, this is a machine designed with versatility in mind.

Since the 1950’s, Schäffer has been developing innovative solutions to replace hard manual work. The new 1422 SGT is built to this philosophy and delivers Schäffer’s renowned build quality in an extremely compact loader. With an operating weight of 1,250kg and dimensions less than 2m high and just 0.89m wide, the loader passes through narrow and low doorways without a hitch and can be easily transported on car trailers even with an attachment mounted.

With a width starting from 0.89 meters, the 1422 SGT can easily navigate through very narrow passages around buildings.

Versatility is key

The new 1422 SGT articulated compact loader is exceptionally versatile – equally at home in horticultural applications as well as on construction and demolition sites. It is also ideal for use in play parks and municipal applications as well as winter service operations. The 1422 SGT is an ideal all-rounder for groundskeepers, nurseries and cemetery gardeners and even private gardens.

“We are delighted to present a light-weight tool carrier that delivers maximum flexibility, performance and agility in tight spaces,” says Schäffer’s head of Marketing, Sebastian Bertelsmeier. “In times when skilled labour is in short supply, an efficient machine becomes ever more important. Moreover, a fleet of modern machinery makes a business more appealing as an employer, especially when the machine reduces the need for manual work.”

The lifting height at the tool pivot point is 2.23 meters.

Powerful engine and hydraulics

The 1422 SGT is powered by a 16.2kW/22hp engine from Kubota, a Stage V unit with no need for an emission treatment system. The hydrostatic drive is operated very easily, with diesel engine revs adjusted through the accelerator. Direction and speed are pedal-controlled, making the loader very manoeuvrable, especially in confined spaces. The standard hydraulic pump delivers an oil flow of 28l/min  for operating complex attachments such as flail mowers, sweeping machines or snow blowers. With a top speed of 16km/h, 810kg lift capacity and a 2.23m lift height, the 1422 SGT really delivers.