Schäffer 24e T:
First telescopic wheel loader with electric drive for the construction industry

Schäffer is presenting the world’s first purely electric telescopic wheel loader for the construction industry at this year’s Demopark. The 24e T is the telescopic wheel loader counterpart to the 24e wheel loader, which Schäffer introduced in 2018 as the first wheel loader powered by lithium-ion battery. With a lift height of 3.72 m, the range of applications for the electric loader is now significantly expanded. The 24e T uses a new generation of batteries, with a capacity that has more than doubled to 31.3 kWh.

The advantages of an emission-free loader are clear. People and the environment benefit from quiet and exhaust-free operation, especially when used in buildings and in noise-sensitive situations. The machine is equipped with two electric motors: the 21 kW drive motor provides  powerful acceleration with its electric direct drive, quickly reaching 20 km/h and ensuring high thrust forces. The 9.7 kW motor for the working hydraulics enables a delivery capacity of 42 l/min, ideal for fast work processes.

The new Schäffer 24e T uses a new generation of batteries with a capacity of 31.3 kWh. Schäffer provides a warranty of 5,000 working hours or 5 years of operation on the maintenance-free lithium-ion battery.


New generation battery

With the 24e T, Schäffer introduces a new generation of battery generation. With a capacity of 31.3 kWh, operating times of up to eight hours are possible where no hydraulically demanding attachments are used. When working in reduced-power Eco mode, this time can be extended by up to 1.5 hours.

Schäffer provides a warranty of 5,000 working hours or 5 years of operation for the maintenance-free lithium-ion battery, whichever occurs first. The charging time to 80% is approximately 8 hours when using the 3 kW on-board charger, which is powered by 230V/16A household electricity. It is significantly faster with an 11 kW wallbox: this charging option reduces the charging time to a little over two hours (80% capacity).

Schäffer presents the 24e T, the telescopic wheel loader counterpart of its 24e electric loader. The increased reach of the telescopic arm significantly expands the range of applications.


High energy efficiency of the system
The efficiency of the machine is over 90 %, which is approximately three times higher than a diesel loader. Further savings can be made on maintenance due to its reduced need for operating materials and filters.

The 24e T is available with either a driver protection roof or a cabin and offers a tipping load with a pallet fork of 1.3 tons at a weight of 2.8 tons. The articulated joint makes the machine particularly maneuverable, with an inside radius of only 1.15 meters. Depending on the tyres, the width of the 24e T is between 1.41m and 1.59m, with a height of 2.19m with a driver protection roof or 2.14m with a cabin.