Workplace with a view: Working with the 4670 offers an impressive panorama in the finish area of the Olympic bobsleigh track in Innsbruck-Igls, Tyrol/Austria.

Cleanlines and order at the Olympic ice canal in Innsbruck-Igls

Schäffer loader with numerous attachments offers year-round use

Florian Gredler has been employed at the Olympic ice canal in Innsbruck-Igls (Austria) for five years. He is responsible for the smooth technical operation of competitions and maintenance of the outdoor facilities. He and his team are supported by a Schäffer 4670, which, with its variety of attachments, makes the work much easier.

The Olympic ice canal in Innsbruck-Igls, Austria, hosts numerous international competitions in luge, skeleton, and bobsleigh every year. Non-professionals can also enjoy activities such as bobrafting, wok racing, bobsleigh and skeleton rides during the summer. Florian Gredler and his team are responsible for the ice quality during the winter, as well as the year-round maintenance of the hiking and service paths along the 1,270m long ice canal with its 14 curves.

4670 faster and more manoeuvrable

The Schäffer loader 4670 has been in use around the ice canal for just over a year, supporting logistical tasks related to the events. Previously, a tractor with a front loader was used here. „With the articulated compact loader, we are now much more manoeuvrable and faster – not only in tight spaces,“ says Florian Gredler, describing the advantages of the 4670 over the tractor. A 4-cylinder Kubota diesel engine with 48.6 kW / 66 hp provides power for the 3.3-tonne machine, which is the 30 km/h speed version. It is equipped with a cabin and Euro headstock and has a tipping load with a bucket of up to 2.3 tonnes.

Florian Gredler is responsible for the ice quality of the Olympic bobsleigh track in Innsbruck-Igls and also for the maintenance of the outdoor facilities.


The large selection of attachments allows for versatile use: Snow blade, roller spreader and snow blower are primarily needed in winter. The pallet fork, the large-volume universal bucket and the sweeping machine assist in logistical tasks and maintenance work around the bobsleigh track.

The impressive lift height of 3.25m was also an argument in favour of the compact loader: “With large amounts of snow, the finish area must be completely cleared to guarantee access for trucks that bring the race sleds back to the start or transport them away. As space is limited here too, it is important to pile the snow as high as possible. The high lifting height and large-capacity universal bucket are very useful here,” explains Florian Gredler.

When it comes to attachments, there is a wide selection for the track manager to choose from. In addition to snow removal, the bucket is used for transporting bulk materials. The pallet fork is used to load de-icing salt, which is delivered as bagged goods on pallets. The bucket and pallet fork also help with the logistical challenges around the competitions on the hilly terrain – the difference in altitude between the start and finish area is more than 100 metres.

The pallet fork is used for logistical challenges, such as moving spreading material or preparing various events.

Cruise control particularly useful

Maintenance and upkeep of the hiking trails along the route is vitally important work. A variable snow plough, a snow blower, a roller spreader and a sweeping machine ensure safe and clean conditions here. “The cruise control on the 4670 is particularly practical when using these tools. The speed is set by a rotary control and I can fully concentrate on snow shovelling, spreading salt or grit and sweeping without having to worry about maintaining a constant speed,” says Florian Gredler. “We deliberately chose a roller spreader for the spreader. The device has a fixed spreading width and can be used efficiently and environmentally friendly on our narrow hiking trails.”

The roller spreader enables a homogeneous spreading pattern with a fixed spreading width in combination with the loader’s cruise control.

Florian Gredler is particularly impressed with the power of the loader. “I am always amazed at how easily the machine pushes through a pile of gravel and how easy it is to move large amounts of snow. The 4670 is clearly superior to the tractor in this respect,” says the Austrian. You can see he enjoys his work and is looking forward to the next challenges for him and the Schäffer 4670.

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