Two 8620 T loaders handle grain in Romania

Grain trader Flavius Parneu Tamaș is based in Biled in the far west of Romania. In 2021, his company traded 110,000 tonnes of grain. A pivotal role in this business is played by the two Schäffer 8620 T telescopic wheel loaders which have become indispensible helpers. Their record of the day was loading 2,000 tonnes of grain – the equivalent of 74 lorries.

Liviu Gordea, editor of the Romanian trade magazine “Ferma” featured the trader in the September 2022 issue.
This is a translation of the abridged article.

The 42-year old grain trader used EU funding to turn the former grain terminal in Biled into a professional trading hub. Flavius Parneu Tamaș’ partners are large-scale traders and farmers. Farmers can use his facilities to store their grain when prices are low and wait with selling until the terms are more lucrative. Benefitting from convenient access to highway and railway infrastructure, the 7.5ha Biled facility offers plenty of storage space plus four bins each of which holds 5,000 tonnes of grain. The total capacity of the facility is 50,000 tonnes. From his office, Flavius Parneu Tamaș communicates with the large grain exchanges in New York, Paris and London.

Flavius Parneu Tamaș (left) and his staff trust in the two 8620 T – two powerful and efficient loaders that handle grain in Romania.

Yet, the impressive part of this large-scale trading company is the fact that all the material is handled by just two telescopic wheel loaders from Schäffer – two 8620 T models. The machines were sourced from FarmTech, the exclusive Schäffer importer in Romania. “My site manager and I considered the Schäffer machines as the best solutions for our business and its challenges. They are reliable and versatile and very well suited for operating inside grain stores. There are many pillars in these halls and so the loaders need to be very agile to move about safely.

The Biled based trader handled 110,000 tonnes of grain in 2021.

Our telescopic wheel loaders perform excellently in that regard,” tells the trader. “And quite frankly, I haven’t seen any other loader that would be more agile than these two, which work reliably nearly 2/74 and yet meet the toughest demands. My first experience with a Schäffer loader was earlier in my career. Based on this experience, I knew that it had to be a Schäffer if we wanted maximum efficiency and productivity. Therefore I recommend this machine to any farmer, even to those who are not into materials handling.”

Their agility and manoeuvrability is much appreciated when working inside the grain stores. The many pillars require a very agile machine.

Delivery dates are critical in grain trading and meeting them is a matter of logistics. “In our contracts we agree to fill a train within 48 hours. Our record performance was about 2,000 tonnes on one single day. This translates into 74 lorries. You see we can’t afford any downtime at all. When one lorry is filled, the next is waiting. Another important fact is the high level of operator comfort. This is important because the drivers spend so much time on the machine”, says Flavius. Should his company continue growing to plan, he’ll invest in more Schäffer loaders.


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