Schäffer 24e: Wheel loader with lithium-ion battery

Schäffer presents the world’s first electric wheel loader with lithium-ion technology. Two electric motors are responsible for the working hydraulics and the drive. The loader has a bucket capacity of 0.5 m3. The innovative new loader benefits from the numerous advantages of a lithium-ion system and promises significant savings in maintenance and operating costs compared to diesel models and other battery concepts.

The new electric wheel loader 24e from Schäffer delivers emission-free operation: exhaust gases and noise are now a thing of the past. This is a significant advantage in emission-sensitive areas such as residential areas, garden facilities and parks, zoos, city centres, cemeteries, the tourism and catering industry, greenhouses and working inside buildings.

The exterior of the machine is similar to the very successful model 2445, a 45 hp machine with a bucket capacity of 0.5 m3. Thanks to its extreme low service weight from just 2,300 kg the loader can easily be transported on a car trailer from one building site to another. Even when loading trucks, the machine cuts an impressive figure thanks a lifting height of 2.50 m.

The two charging systems promise flexibility: Schäffer offers an on-board charger as standard, which is operated with a standard 230 V power supply. Add an optional 400 V external charger for even faster charging – the power battery system is charged to 80 % in just 45 minutes. This means enough energy for the entire working day with a quick charge, for example during a lunch break. The battery can be charged at any time without affecting the lifetime – another advantage of lithium-ion technology.

Speaking of battery lifetime, Schäffer guarantees a running time of 5,000 charging processes or 5 years of operation, whichever comes first. Friedhelm Brede, head of development at Schäffer, is convinced that the advantages of the lithium-ion battery are particularly apparent here. “Thanks to the pioneering technology, we can guarantee this extraordinarily long battery life. In addition, lithium-ion batteries are absolutely maintenance-free, there is no danger of lead or sulphuric acid and the 24e works reliably even at low temperatures,” explains Friedhelm Brede.

The use of an electric loader with lithium-ion technology brings significant savings. “The 24e’s maintenance requirements are significantly lower than those of the diesel model. Much higher efficiency and significantly lower energy costs per hour of operation result in additional savings potential.”, Friedhelm Brede concludes.

The 24e is the only electric loader available on the market that reaches a speed of 20 km/h. The drive motor is flanged directly to the rear axle and thus ensures direct torque transmission. The loader also brings all the other advantages that distinguish the proven loaders of the 24 series from Schäffer, such as the maintenance-free articulated joint and the original Schäffer axles, which guarantee high thrust as standard.