Fuel-efficient loaders reduce costs and emissions

The Schäffer portfolio boasts a large number of efficient and environmentally friendly solutions at the GaLaBau trade fair in Nuremberg

Contractors in the gardening, landscaping and municipal sectors are challenged by rising energy and input costs as well as shortage of skilled labour. At the same time, customers expect the ‘green industry’ to operate responsibly and sustainably with regard to climate protection. All these factors make it even more important for machine owners to operate reliable and environmentally clean machines. The Schäffer programme of wheeled loaders lines up a large number of high-efficiency and low-emission solutions including the all-electric 24e wheeled loader.

Schäffer wheeled loaders have a reputation for being robust and low-maintenance machines that give dependable service for thousands and thousands of hours. It is exactly this aspect that makes a machine sustainable, because the materials that go into the manufacture of the machine are used for a long time before replacement may become necessary.

The following efficiency systems ensure optimum conditions in day-to-day operations. The automatic ‘High Traction Force’ (HTF) thrust control develops maximum thrust even when the machine is operated in the low-engine speed mode, removing the need to shift speed and making the job less tiring. At the same time, HTF reduces the loader’s fuel consumption and noise level. Another efficiency and fuel economy boosting feature is the Schäffer Power Transmission (SPT) with electronic control that optimises the interaction of the hydraulic drive system and engine torques.

Furthermore, Eco Mode is a standard feature on all 50hp+ loaders where it increases fuel and emission savings even further. After the operator enables EcoMode, the system reduces and controls the engine speed to optimise fuel economy without impacting the maximum forward speed. As another detail that contributes to fuel savings and low emissions, the machine accelerates noticeably faster – even in the lower speed ranges. Depending on machine and application, the feature can reduce fuel consumption by up to 15%.

Multi High Flow (MHF) is a feature that optimises the efficiency of the remote hydraulics by using patented spool technology.  Unlike previous machines that required a powerful engine to supply high oil flows, the 2445 S delivers a flow rate of up to 81l/min to the High Flow circuit, powered by a 50hp engine. At the same time, the machine can be operated at reduced engine speeds should the full hydraulic output not be required. This technology allows customers to use more frugal and compact wheeled loaders in those applications that used to be reserved for much higher-powered machines and operating weights.

In addition to these efficiency-optimising systems for combustion engine powered loaders, the Schäffer product range also features an all-electric wheeled loader – the 24e.